SONIC UNION - Union Square

Overlooking Union Square in Manhattan, this 8,000 sq ft audio post production facility features 7 mixing studios, office workstations, a full kitchen, and a variety of break-out areas in a modern, inviting space.  The company’s motto is “Record. Mix. Play”, with a particular emphasis on PLAY.  Sonic Union’s owners wanted their studio to be built foremost for their clients’ needs, and the space reflects that. Given that many of their executive-level clientele are at the facility for entire days, it was vital that the environment accommodate guests for working, taking private calls, eating, lounging, and blowing off steam after long sessions. 

Architect Raya Ani (RAW-NYC) was inspired by the concept of “bringing the park inside”, designing the individual studios in organic shapes with curved walls, and adding bamboo, green finishes, and a hearty collection of plants.  Two floating snack bars and two banquette pods provide hospitality and casual settings for meeting & eating. 

Revamp Interior Design came on board to flesh out the furnishings & decor and to rethink lesser-used spaces—all enhancing the Sonic Union brand. Mixing modern and vintage pieces, Revamp aimed for functionality, a unique spirit, and a welcoming vibe. We turned a storage closet into a swank private phone booth, and transformed a windowless utility area into a funky rec-room with a hanging chair and arcade games.  Accents of the brand’s signature red color were added in small doses, and custom signage was created to help with wayfinding.

For Sonic Union’s A-list commercial clients, the finished space is the perfect place not just to realize their current project, but to stay and make the most of their day.  Record. Mix. Play….and STAY.