Fashion Showroom & Offices


Our client, a fashion company specializing in women's dresses, originally sought to expand their showroom and offices into an adjacent suite, without moving the production and design workrooms.  The key issues were accommodating the company's extensive storage needs and designing a stellar showroom to serve as a neutral backdrop for each season's palette, while reinforcing the brand's fun and flirty personality.   

To address their storage needs, we explored maximizing storage by using pull-down racks and pull-out trays, thus utilizing higher and deeper storage cabinets.  We also proposed storing rolls of fabric inside a raised floor platform and in hallways, where the colors and patterns would peek out from the ends.  

121106_revised Maggy board.jpg

In the reception area and showroom, we chose materials that were neutral in color, but fabulously textured, such as shimmering glass-bead wallcovering, shiny warm gray lacquer, and vinyl wallcovering printed to look like tufted leather.  


Revamp's initial showroom design used upholstered display partitions to absorb sound and offer the flexibility of joining or separating meeting spaces.  When closed, the partitions would act as doors closing up select clothing racks.   Raising the showroom by two steps would allow it to be used as a runway for events, as well as allowing storage of fabric rolls below.


Space for storage and collaboration were key in the offices, particularly in the design studio.  We proposed modern, economical systems furniture with a mixture of prefabricated and custom storage components. 

Later our client opted to forgo the expansion, and asked that Revamp rework their existing space to accommodate their needs.  Thus a more compact plan was created for the offices, and a new design created for the showroom.

120917_STAY floorplan.jpg

Inspired by strands of necklaces and curvy baroque furniture legs, Revamp set about designing a display wall that would be a decorative dropback yet allow natural light in from the windows behind.  Shapely turned wood posts would form a screen from which metal display rods would display dresses. 

Turned posts- CAD cropped.jpg
SHOWRM SPINDLE SK-revised-sm.jpg