We love using Pinterest to save cool ideas and new resources, as well as to find inspiring images. While we're flattered that people follow us or repost our content, we don't always keep tabs on that activity.  But it's not everyday that you get a note saying that Lady Gaga is following you!

Gaga following Revamp

Stay in the closet

We're finishing up work for a commercial client who brought us in to add some pizazz to their 6500 sq ft space overlooking Union Square. In the course of the project, they mentioned the need for a quiet place for clients to make phone calls while they're visiting, yet the few private offices were already occupied.  Hence we took a little-used storage closet and turned it into a swank phone booth for two.  Now THAT'S a closet I wouldn't mind hanging out in!

Revamped phone booth

Here's what it looked like beforehand:

storage closet prior to revamp